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Laurie Mackenzie

Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance Teacher

Laurie is a Certified Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance® Teacher, and has achieved the Global

Caravan Collective Soul Levels 1 through 5 and Advanced Dancer certification. 

As part of her dance journey she has achieved Certification in FCBD -ATS® General Skills -

Classic and Modern Certificates.

Laurie first got into bellydance thanks to her niece and her daughter who are beautiful dancers.

She fell in love when she saw them perform, with their movement, colour, connection and

ability to dance at any age for any age. Laurie decided to explore Bellydance classes.

Laurie’s 1st dance experience (ever) was with Dancing Tiger in Ipswich and Tribal Blossoms

(Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance®) in Brisbane late in 2009 – she had just turned a

significant age that year and was looking for an interest that provided exercise while being

enjoyable. Laurie was learning cabaret (oriental) style bellydancing at the same time.

This took Laurie into a whole new area of learning not just about how to belly dance but

also about music, rhythm, style, movement, connectivity, fantastic costuming, new avenues

of music and history. She met glorious women from differing backgrounds, many of whom are

now good friends.


In 2013 Laurie contacted the principals of Dancing Tiger in Ipswich to enquire if they

were interested in running tribal classes in Ipswich.

They were very supportive and so Laurie started teaching Global Caravan Tribal

Bellydance® to a group of enthusiastic dancers.

She continued to expand and explore her dance form and attended workshops and intensives,

these have included world reknown Australian and US dancers : Paulette Rees-Denis(USA);

Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman(USA) and Megha (USA); Nina Martinez (Aus), Sabine (USA);

Hilary Cinis (Aus); Jill Parker(USA), Madonna Teitzel(Aus), Oliver Kissel (USA), Devi Mamak

(Aus), Alice Knox (Aus) and Sian Bhala (Aus).

2016 saw a change in dance studios and connecting with another teacher to form Lunadorn

Tribal Bellydance offering classes and performances ever since.

Change is a constant and Laurie is currently looking at exploring and connecting with new dance sisters

who have moved to SE Qld. Woven Elements are forming new and exciting performances and classes into the


Laurie says - It’s a magical feeling dancing with your dance sisters and partners, the shared connectivity

and understanding, interpreting each others body movements, the energy of the circle of

women, the delight of rhythmic movement to the beat of the drum. I have made so many

friends through dance, from all walks of life that I am so blessed to share my life with.

I love the constant changes, moves, spur of the moment shifts, the ability to get up and

dance with others to the same flow and rhythm is spectacular. The vibrant costuming, music

and interaction between the tribe of dancers. Even after a tiring day at work I can go to a

tribal class and leave feeling energised and rejuvenated. It connects me to others, the earth,

it takes me to a happy place on a regular basis.


Laurie Mackenzie
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