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Patsy Brown

Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance Teacher

Fairly late in life I discovered tribal bellydance in Innisfail North Queensland

and learned from master teacher Nina Martinez of Temple Rain. Over a period

of 16 years under Nina’s guidance I took on various training and accreditation

which led me to teaching Global Caravan (GC) style dance on

Minjerribah/North Stradbroke Island.

After relocating back to my birth country Minjerribah in 2021, where I grew up,

I began teaching bellydance under the name Jagi which means ‘tribal spirit’ in

my local Jandai language.

My inspiration to dance comes from this vibrant yet feminine form of dance as

well as from my Indigenous roots where it is important to feel connected,

grounded and belonging. Just as these elements are strongly enmeshed in my

culture, so too are they with my dance and dance sisters. I love the

improvisation, costuming and adornment of this tribal style.

There have been times in my life when dance has lifted me from very dark

places and was often the one constant and tangible activity that I have been

able to look forward to and maintain.

Research has shown that bellydance has many benefits to physical, mental,

emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing. It has the ability to enhance

circulatory, respiratory, skeletal and muscular body systems.

Come and join my class at either Dunwich or Amity where you will have fun

learning the GC format of moves, technique and styling.


Patsy Brown
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